We’re nine independent business owners in Austin, TX who share similar beginnings in fashion, craft and art. Each lady of the ACM owns and operates a respected and established business that represents the DIY spirit and brings her own individual talents to the group. We realized we could be mutual resources of support, promotion, information sharing and fun. We strive to be a model of the entrepreneurial spirit to Craft Mafias™ across the country! The Austin Craft Mafia™ established the Craft Mafia™ site and Web Ring to link and cross promote sister groups in other cities, share web traffic, and provide helpful information to other professional craft designers and groups.

The Craft Mafia™ is an organization of independent business owners who represent multiple creative disciplines in fashion, jewelry, handmade goods, fine art, writing and craft design. The Craft Mafia™ serves as a model for independent business owners to assemble with other entrepreneurs in their own communities to amplify their individual vision through the power of a collective. The Craft Mafia™ offers resources for small businesses through their website, books and television.The Craft Mafia™ website represents and links to all affiliated groups that have adopted the Craft Mafia™ name.

How to Start Your Own Damn Mafia (CraftMafia.com)

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